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Mobb Deep

"We Up"

Yeah, 'bout to get my head right on this one
04-04-04, 04-04-04, yeah

[Verse 1: Havoc]
Hav' come through, slump low with the seat back
With somethin in the stash to push a elephant bean back
sh*t, my sh*t is touchin, hungry hurry up need that
Tryin to live right, only a juk for the relapse (yeah)
Perhaps I'll fold, maybe I won't
Go back to it like an old b*tch I boned
n*gga Havoc he a problem 'specially when he zoned
Let a n*gga get foul like the wool he smoked, so
Smell me people, these clowns ain't equal to I
b*tches feel me cause they love my vibe
Know what a chick want, know what a chick need
Recognize the difference from a male, and chicken feed
I'm blessed that's why my neck is glistening
You in a slump cause you not listening
We hold our own and earn our keep
And never ever get more than the one eye sleep

We up! (Word, man)
We up! (I be having nightmares, son)
We up! And I love it, and I love it
We up! (I don't even wanna go to sleep no more)
We up! (I be having the illest dreams, son)
We up! (Tell you about this sh*t, son)
We up! Everybody wake up!

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
I'm having dreams of squeezing a gun that don't work
And some n*gga with a tec come and wet my shirt
I catch bullets in my stomach, and them sh*ts burn
I wake up sweating, holding my stomach cause it hurt
Yo, the sh*t seem too real, I'm dying of thirst
I gotta drink mad water just to calm me down first
'fore I get back to sleep, and get some rest
Then I can't get back to sleep, I'm too stressed
I got the shotty real close, right under my bed
I know that work, cause I been practicing
With my gauge at the range, n*gga I'm nice with it
n*gga mothaf*ck them dreams, I'm real life with it
You'll be coughin up your spleen, guts and all kinda sh*t
You invade my space, I'm beating the case
n*gga come f*cking with me, yeah that's my kinda sh*t
Please, or all of my guns'll be a waste

We up! (Yeah, I feel you my n*gga)
We up! (No doubt)
We up! (That's why I'm glad we up, man)
We up! And I love it, and I love it
We up! (We got n*ggas to do that sh*t for us you know?)
We up! (Word up, man)
We up! (That's right my n*gga, we up)
We up! Everybody wake up!

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