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Mobb Deep

"Mobb of Steel"

[Big Noyd]
Yo, M-O-B-B D-E-E-P
Motherf*cker, word up
Q-borough, mad thorough
All my live n*ggas, check it, check it

[Verse 1: Big Noyd]
Nobody close to they toes, so chill
Nobody move player stand still
You know the drill
Cause its real like the mobb and shaquille o'neil
n*gga Hav laced the track, Shaq bangin the ill
Noyd get off simply with enough rough sh*t
Dare another damn team to touch this
Get off it, come off that, imaginary act
And listen to reality rap
M-o-b-b d-e-e-p be like that, link back
Scoopin shortys up from they acs'
Checkit black, nothin f*ckin with these, qb's most infamous
Real live ny, stay thug entertainers
You can hate us, but can't play us
Be left cold, full of holes, thats the why
Dont make us send shots, sent what-not
Come at ya, leave fake foes in rapture
Perhaps ya stuck off the things we got, beef is hot
Like feinds i be pullin f*ckin fans through blocks

[Chorus: Havoc]
Rep the QBC
Killa Black non stop all day kid
Rep the QBC
Rapper Noyd, Prodigy
Rep the QBC
Ty Nitty, Godfather Part 3
Rep the QBC
Gambino, Scarface rest in peace

[Verse 2: Havoc]
We live in this while you fakin it, got cats take that
Let a grown man do this, stand back
And watch the drama unfold right under your eyelids
Crab ass n*ggas tryna infiltrate the clique kid
Wannabe cats get pushed to the side dunn
Rep the qb word to me die for my son
You feminine, picture me tryna let you
Have that ass bouncin like a slug out a tutu
You know the drill, i ain't gotta scream 'keep it real'
You've been to the shows, plus you know how we rock
Dont get it f*cked up, get that ass stuck up
Robbed for the ice, pour some henny in my cup

Rep the QBC
Gotti, Money no, hit them with the body blow
Rep the QBC
Nature, Escobar, Cormega
Rep the QBC
40 and the 41st side
Rep the QBC
You know the deal, outta towners can't come across the hill

[Verse 3: Prodigy]
Ayo, my money walks while your bullsh*t talk sells nothing
Im calling your front, stop bluffing
Provoke a stroke with my 42 seconds of dope
Adrenaline pages flood my notebook, yo
Rapper noyd broke the neck off the song
The don took a swig, now bring that sh*t home
Our sh*t bang like the 7 millimetre chrome
And pineapples going off, war on the fourth
Read the rob report, while we extort these devils in the flesh
You settling for less
When im pullin up my guess its the weight from the tech
While the tearnoise pump the mobb thump music
Check out the rep
We get better with time, still shine then climb
We can rhyme and then cut these dimes
It be the nighttime vultures
Swoop down and scrape your plates
Bound from state to state
You needa lock your gates

Rep the QBC
ACD y'all
Rep the QBC
L.E.S and ya don't stop
Rep the QBC
Rep the QBC

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