Mobb Deep


[Verse 1: DYP]
You might've seen me before, you might've heard of the name
Maybe you've seen me perform, and seen me murder the stage
That was then, I'm living proof that a person can change
Used to only be concerned with loot and personal gain
Runnin' 'round with a noose around my neck and my chain
Livin' loose, drug abuse to mask the hurt and the pain
All the things buried deep, to the surface it came
Spiraling out of control my soul circled the drain
Lost in darkness, Hell-bound, eternally stained
Irreversible like cancer in the terminal stage
Lord, that's when you found me, and showed your merciful ways
Paid my debt, sent your son to death to purchase my shame
Placed a spark in my heart, then you nurtured the flame
Now my life is filled with meaningful and purposeful days
In everything I do I wanna worship your name
Further your fame every time I put these words to the page
This ain't a game, it ain't about the fame or name recognition
Satan's claiming victims, God gave me a mission
To reach lost sheep through beats, raps and rhythm
I pray everything I say may advance the kingdom
I'm leaning on the Lord, God, grant me wisdom
Reading through the Word of God for ammunition
A war's going on causing mass division
We're fed so many lies the body suffers malnutrition
Chew on that, fake news, fake facts
They tried to hide what's true, DYP got the safe cracked
There's one door to heaven, let no man replace that
I stand firm, not concerned with how you take that
I'm not a fake rapper, I'm a faith rapper
If you wanna know the truth, ay yo the proof is in the cake batter
Peep the fruit, and see who I take after
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior not a slave master
Let's re-evaluate the things we chase after
Let's get so deep in prayer that we shake after
Then turn to the Word, and learn to discern
So we could spot a true apostle from someone who only plays pastor
Look - we're in the battle of our lives
And there's only two sides, with no compromise
One thing's for certain, scripture never lies
Jesus did arise, 'cause God never dies
With whom do you align? I would strongly advise
For you to take the time if you think it don't apply
The world's a dirty mess and we're all filthy from it
The wage of sin is death and we're all guilty of it
You think you're exempt? You're mistaken and lost
If you think that you're escaping without paying the cost
Attain immortal life through Christ's grace on the cross
I Master My Opponents Rarely Taking A Loss
'Cause Christ gives the victory, the battle is won
No longer a mystery where I'll go when I'm done
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