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Mobb Deep

"If These Walls Could Talk"

Verse 1
Yo, sittin' in my room and if these walls could talk
They'd probably be snitching on me, draggin' me into court
And if I had a wife, most likely be divorced
Up my ass in debt payin' child support
And me try'na live right, never gave it a thought
I'd probably do a pound cake, for all the gats I stashed
[?] my crew burn hash, all day lovely
Never f*ck with Phillies, 'cause they burn too fast
Tellin' all my dime b*tches how I'm, a little [?]
One second in my room and they be out the door
They should accept it though, f*cking let them go
And all I gotta say is, all these rumours show when I blow
See these walls is just [?], it don't get no ass
Similar to player haters that don't get no ass
Once in a while I talked to him, 'cause he know my past
I burn it down with 'em, and lace the sh*t with hash

[Chorus] x2
To get snitched on is one thing
But if these walls talk they be lettin' out everything
Gotta watch who the f*ck that you talk around
The ones that talk'll probably be the ones that get pound

Verse 2
Imagine if my walls could speak, that'd be some foul sh*t
'Cause all the things I've done, they never announced it
Ashamed of the plots and schemes and drugs we took
Guns that'd make the D's run shook
They'd probably tell my wife all about my grimey trife life
[?] be on my di*k worse
My background hurts, and these four walls know it
And since the police and how the dough got stolen
Tell my enemies I stay holdin'
And where I stash at
And gave them the convo, the way the cash at
Catch a flashback to me, beating my di*k to porno flicks
Flipping to short eyes, gettin' bent
The smoke sessions, the deepest convo's amongst the brethren
For our ears only
The walls start confessin'
Spillin' the beans on the whole team and how we operate
Cooperate with the rest of the collegues
Our recipe on how we make our crack like bricks
And where we got our n****s pumpin' and sh*t
Dunn, I would have to toss the crib
'Cause the extortions of [?]
And if the walls started talkin', yo
They'd sing a song, but whoa, some things you didn't know
'Cause I don't brag on how we rock and roll

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