Pigstep Rap
[Intro: TommyInnit, Tess, Technoblade, and Wilbur Soot]
Look, we need to put on a little show for our guest
Yeah, yeah, yeah
This seems like it'd waste a lot of time and not be conducive towards speedrunning
Ready Techno?
Techno, Techno, c'mon
Give us a BUH BUH BUH
(You're the b*t*h, Wilbur)
I'm ready…
Buh buh buh buh
Um uhm uh uhm

[Verse 1: TommyInnit]
His name is Technoblade, and he wears a red gown
He has crown on his head and he doesn't do drugs
Her name is Tess, and she uses TikTok (that is funny to me)

[Chorus: TommyInnit]
We are playing Minecraft!
And I am cool, and Vikkstar!
(Tommy laughs)
Hello Technoblade
We arе playing Minecraft!
We are likе Dream, but Dream cannot sing!
[Verse 2: TommyInnit]
Technoblade he has brown shoes, I think that is interesting
I don't really know what to think
The color of his shoes doesn't matter that much to me. (Yeah)

[Bridge: TommyInnit]
X** yeah, uh red, uh colors, yeah squares squares squares squares (Tommy laughs)
Clouds, I see clouds!

[Verse 3: TommyInnit]
His name is Wilbur Soot and he's a dirty crime boy
He just walks around being strange
Think he might be on a list
I don't know, what his deal is
He probably dates Nihachu
I should not have said that line
Anyways, moving on!
I met him in real life
It was a vlog and Tubbo was there

[Interlude: TommyInnit, Tess & Technoblade]
Uh yeah, Bessie
Are you ready to take it away?
Cause I cannot do this for much longer, yuh
I'll pa** it to Technoblade
Ay Techno, you ready to do some rapping Technoblade?
Absolutely not, that's not happening
Okay, well Wilbur?
Are you ready to (Tommy laughs)
Wilbur, uh Wilbur
It's his verse, you ready?
[Verse 4: TommyInnit]
Buh Buh Buh Buh
Wilbur is not rapping
So I am going to do a filler rap!
It is very awkward and rather uncomfortable
There is a birch tree

[Outro: Wilbur Soot & Technoblade]
You're speedrunning, please speedrun