"Which Side"

Intro: Nieve & Napoleon Da Legend
"Yo Napoleon what up dog"
"'What up Nieve, I been hearing good things"
"How things on your side"
"Fantastic, we travelin', you know how it is, right?"
"Right, right"
"Making moves"
"I feel that"
"Lets connect the dots tho"
"Lets do it then"
“Its long overdue brother"
"Lets show em what's up"
"Say no more"

Verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend
Daily pilgrimage wake up in Brooklyn like Gilgamesh
Torn between a few options like a polygamist
So militant, my outlook is ill-advised
I make it sound memorable, like the day Attila diеd
Take a stroll down Nostra hit the gym like
Gеt my muscle memory going like when my pen strikes
Super sesh shoulders and quadriceps bubblin'
For sex I'm a glutton that shorty got my neck bucklin'
Beef patty, f**k a protein shake
Elohim triple beam style low-key great
Peep style walk the pavement on streets I don't own
Feeling like the god of the world in my own zone
You ain't put it down to work if that freak don't moan
She made me bust twice now my whole libido gone
Crossing the bridge now studio flow Midtown
Sit down the engineers late got me p*ssed now
I got to skate back the cake I got to get back
So laid back the victory's near and I can taste that
Hit the hilal spot feeling like Malcolm I'm a now rock
Pulling out notes out my pocket like Bilal got
Rock shows like clock work to me its just a foul shot
Keep my business poppin' off like that Canal spot
For my position nothing new that I fought
Hustle 101 see mind state is New York
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