The Chocolate Conquistadors
[Intro: MF DOOM]
Niño, vente conmigo
Escúchame, te cuento unas cosas
De unos hombres, ay, estos hombres
Eran hombres bravos llegaban de África
Con la fuerza y la belleza
Ay, mijo, conquistaban la ignorancia
Y las bestias de la humanidad
Daban al mundo la luz y la fé
Y también el dios cósmico
Los llamamos los conquistadores chocolates
(It's yours)

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
Legitimize living lies, channel the cosmos
These God flows here to civilize
Hear them footsteps, here come the Moors
Neanderthals in scores, eatin’ wild boars
Thousands of years on tour, organizе y'all
Wild w****s smellin' like animals through thе pores on all fours
Foul cannibals, hear the roars
Raw flesh, rebellious and lawless
Taught by the autochthonous, all bless
All dressed in garbs of royalty
Gods, who swore to be, righteous laws accordingly
Educated by the highly elevated
Melanated and mind renovated
Once they stumble across the right answer (it’s yours)
Remarkably similar to Wakanda, white panther
Herbs combat cancer
Detoxin' the liver, sexual enhancers
Symbolisms in Hollywood, jolly good
Shows us how evil will manifest, or prob'ly could
Divine beings, mind freeing
Conquistadores chocolates
[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Dates of fake history to erase
Comin' through the corridors of deep space
High beings
All-eye seein', find meaning, clairvoyant, mind reading
Nervous system, serve as wisdom
Flow superior, determine rhythm
Electricity, eccentricity
Afrocentric synchronicity
In the air everywhere, takin' over
Chocolate conquerors, supernova
Educatin', dominatin'
Time deflatin’, bomb on Satan
Wicked is gone, shorn and shaken
The force awakens (it’s time)
Back to them caves
Conquistadores chocolates

[Instrumental Outro: BADBADNOTGOOD]