I'm falling down down down
Unto the crowd
My head hurts from this crown

Discipline suddenly doesn't exist
Arm out the window I'm chopping my wrist
Dead on arrival don't need no assist
I am not human I can't coexist
Spoken omens hoping they don't come true
Holding close the wound that's bleeds nothing

Brain mopped from hot cement, cook myself an omelet
Scream it quiet sing it out, this is not the opera
Batman's parents get shot up, nine tail foxes get fed up
Taught myself with fantasy, live my life's reality
Now everything is so boring, listen I'm not listening
I talk to gods inside my sleep, I ask for solace timе and peace
I'm running from my enеmies, reflecting woes back on to me
My inner visions ends it mission when it starts secreting out of me