2:00am on a Friday night we're gonna be alright
Smoke weed sip tea until we feel fine
Just breath and believe in me I don't know what you see in me
I don't feel alive woke up in a dream I'm paralyzed
Papers please nightmares fill my life don't wanna live through greed
Bottle me my emotions make my moves through vocal motions
Steaming from the top like locomotives or my tea I steeped in boiling Water
Peep my sounds I'm working harder
Not much changed since I was younger
Got big dreams I'm still a dreamer
Walk thеy follow still a dream
You can't save me I'm atoning all my sins arе all my own
Smoke my weed to pass the hours but its late I feel so sour now I'm Falling sleeping later
I just need to sip my tea please don't bother just believe in me