I'm not okay
I'm not okay
I just want to tell you how I feel
How I feel
I'm not okay
"Stay positive" is what they say
It's okay
I'm okay
Are you okay?
No I'm not but I will be
"Stay positive" is what they tell me
All I want is someone that could know the real me
But I get uncomfortable when I show my hand
I woke up with a migraine someone said its not bad but its my pain
And my life's my game I can ruin it
How I want to
Young sheepdog keep the wolves away
Keep stressing I keep my wolfsbane
I wear my colorful clothes
I go outside to the store
I pick out everything
I want to look insane
Keep keep keep keep away
Keep keep away from me
These people f**king bleed the same blood as mе
But they don't know
That's why I keep my wolfsbane
That's why I look this way