Ecmd Feeky, Camden
Yeah, Westfield to Federal Street , hungh 08105
It's called opportunity y'all, take y'all opportunities when they give it to you
Look, look, look, look

I was in the hood all my life
She was in the hood all her life
All I ever knew was poverty and pain, all she ever knew was the same
Get money, break down change, f**k the fame
I gotta feed my fam, that's the game understand
Young man with a crown on his head and ain't playing
AK's spraying, gang n***as in the hood all day and
Old timers OD'ing on the cainе and dope mane, speed balling
Shawty's f**king so much, she start free balling
Need monеy to survive
Whether hustle, scam or rob or low paid jobs
In the jungle you can't even spot the lion amongst the pray
n***as got shot, and died right in front of me
I done seen a n***a give his last for some crack
Flipped it, brought it back
That sh*t humbled me
Same twenty-four as the next man, but no opportunity like the next man
We opportunists, we riders, connivers
Was impoverished, got polished to the game
Now my life honest, want no problems
You ain't got no choppers
Shooting unidentified flying objects
Helicopters and binoculars
Knock him off the tower
Sold sour flowers in rain showers for hours
¿Ahora Que, que ahora eh?
You know what time it is
The more you pay, the more consignment you pay
Ain't no co-signing 'ya sh*t, 'ya bullsh*t with me
You catch a full clip
Hennessy drip, with memories and energy mixed
You get my drift
I got that water whip that make 'em turn a three G to a quarter quick
Repeat the sh*t, then make a hennaff
I know you minnadd
I'm tryna cop a watch and foreign jiddag-war
Stay low for three years in the triddapp boa'
Playing Kodak Black, in all black with a Kodak strap
Drinking Cognac Black straight with no chase
Dropped out of school in like '08, hungh
I got the, I got the
I got the pot and you on the plate
It ain't safe
Opportunity n***a I got it
I'm about 'bout it
And you a liar, ain't no lying on Feek
That ain't G, my n***a you ain't me
Opportunity n***a I got it
I'm about it 'bout it
And you a liar, ain't no lying on Feek
That ain't G, my n***a you ain't me

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