Reign Man lyrics

Tha God Fahim & Your Old Droog

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[Verse 1]

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]
I'm the Rain Man, I can make it rain, fam (I can make it rain, fam)
Rockin' name brand, hang you like it's hangman (Hang you like it's hangman)
I got the right of way on the road to treasure
To make it to the pot of gold, circ*mference any measure
Been a pleasure to chop rappers' necks, tell me which rapper next?
I keep a logbook of bodied rappers on my desk
Influenced by rock 'n roll, hit the country and get the blues
Let Benjamin Franklin hold weight, can't walk my shoes (Can't walk 'em)
Made you look and made you lose, put you on thе daily news
Wise men play thе fool while I'm makin' crazy moves (I'm makin' crazy moves)
I put the wrist in, I get to mixin'
Punish the mic, I be cheffin' fire in the kitchen
Like Zangief, I slam on beats
My elegant lavish speech keep my name in heat
I took a quantum leap, and now we first place wit' it (First place wit' it)
The speakers get to shakin' like a earthquake hit it (Like a earthquake hit it)
Define the rules of gravity, my dump remain infinite
You end up as a casualty and red stains wit' it (Red stains wit' it)
You can't hang wit' it, my campaign wit' it (Campaign wit' it)
Tell the engineer to add the vocal chain wit' it
And I'm out, that's another one dumped
I pass the line of scrimmage, another twenty-one skunk
And I'm out, that's another one dumped
I pass the line of scrimmage, another twenty-one skunk (Tzazazazazazaza!)

[Outro: sample], he was like, "Look, go out, indulge with the fans, man, go out and get a taste of everything." So, we went out and got a taste of it, man, hung out with the rockers, it was cool. It was good people. [?] at the Pearl Jam show, gettin' tossed around the crowd, at the rocker show. I mean, that's what it's about

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