Road to Redemption (Feelin Like)

Elizabeth Grace

You can try to pave your own path or let the path play the leader
Fighting to see the light
I'm Mike Tyson biting the beat up
When I write I'm like lightning
Striking a zebra
Black and white like men fighting to be tha
Next up witta mic n a diva
No limit on your life or yuh visa
I wouldn't give it up neither
But a priceless life got a price to it even
And even the life I been leading
Been leaving me lost at nights and the evenings
Breathing get tough when you're squeezed in
Sick of the pain enough man I'm leavin
Heading in a whole new direction
And oh did I mention? I'm on the road to redemption

-Kristina Urgel-
I walk this road, I paved. (Did I mention? I'm on the road to redemption)
I knew I'd make it here some day
And now I'm feelin like
-Elizabeth Grace-
La la la la la la la la
La la la la yeah yeah
La la la la la la la la
La la la la yeah yeah

Feeling like I can't quit
Chain on when I travel I can't slip
On the road, y'all cold all froze windows all rolled
Look at me I'm in a tank b*t*h!
Like it's sunny outside
Used to be like yall it's funny now I
Got my own method man like how high
To get those records selling out
They trip cuz my game laced up
Go ahead talk sh*t like yuh anus up
By yuh nose I suppose that that's just how it goes
Cuz I got both balls and baskets full uh flows
Times changing
Amazed by the range of MC's engraining their names in the game man
Well I'mma stay on my way till the day that
I'm higher than the stars and I got one in pavement
Dank sh*t I be blazin
Stack chips more bread than a bank get, yeah
So don't search for a path
If you wanna go that way mothaf**ka pave it, yeah
And it's true what they saying
That I'm hooked on the hooks
You could say then
I've developed an addiction
But in the meanwhile I'm on the road to redemption


-Bridge x2
And now I'm feelin like

Feelin like my life is like Michaels
Walking On my own two feet no bicycles
They might try to be like the kid
But I love like Grits because my life be like oooo
So shawty what u really wanna do?
Im feelin like a milli how are you?
Thought you like to know
N.O.I.S. is getting loud like a microphone
And lately the road been driving me crazy
If only I could see day these
Nights would end
And I could get get back to my life again
But wait there's something in the distance
Maybe I can see an ending
It's not too late I think I finally made it

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