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People Under The Stairs


On a warm San Francisco night
Alright y'all, hope you had a good night tonight
But you know what, y'all don't gotta go home but y'all gotta get the hell up outta here
What's that y'all?
Y'all want one more?

[Verse 1]
I thought we could walk away
Been up here for too long
The crowd wants an encore
We just did our last song
Let's walk towards the light now
Man I don't think so
Yo, I'm going back out there
Huh, pour me a drink, yo
Enough time for one more
I guess this is last call
Turn the microphones back on in the dance hall
And now it's just Mike and Chris
As artists, we don't age
We're so glad you didn't miss
The motherf*ckin' gettin' on, stop

[Verse 2]
Yeah, ayo
Hardcore to make the brothers act stupid
The west coast best producers that straight looped it
I need no introduction 'less you been under a rock
Or in a rock around the block tryna lock this sh*t down
The opposite sound dominates the soundscape
But we been breaking brakes while Drake manscapes
He did it for the 'Gram
I did it for the hand-
Shake, tight grip with the a hundred 88's, man

[Verse 3]
Smokin' and drinkin' on a Tuesday night
I'm down with Thes One who's stealing your bike
I'm in the weed shop, doin' the Wop
No S wack rap, then we stay on top
We drink
We rhyme
We curse
We chill
We get to the show, hand me that bill
(Everybody get the f*ck up)
We jam and rock
Yo pass the j man, here comes the cops

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