Hats UP


Hats up, whole lotta slime masked up
They was lacking, [?] boom em, match up
They ain't shooters, they play for the Lackers
She ain't sucking no d**k, get packed up
Big bag on me like I packed up
'fore I back out, them boys better back up
Slime Time, [?] bring the makks out
[?] once I make a b*t*h tap out
[?] bringing your stash out
Kicking your face, I'm like whats all that rap bout?
These n***as be dying from bad clout
I don't do [?] I got the pack out
[?] on amiris, swagged out

Better not boom sh*t
We tote sticks with clips like pool sticks
She heard I'm too sick
Can't take a pic with a n***a with no drip
pu**y don't slip, n***as been signed to me don't trip
When I slide I don't miss
We can be sneaky but just don't post this
These b*t*hes be needy
But when I was broke these b*t*hes ain't need me
[?] beat Queezy, and folk'nem crip don't f**k with dem GDs
But lets get to this breeshy, [?] BOA, TD
These b*t*hes be treeshy, and I just came from parole
But I tote that glizzy, Mob Time
Walk up gang, we ain't doing no drive by
[?] his mata, say yall spun my block, why lie
This a fit why lie, [?], not no popeyes n***a wifi

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