Response Pt 3 lyrics


{Tazzo B}
Only real n***as can sit with me
Bergen [?] b*t*h you know the history
I cannot beef with a n***a that's snitching
Told on the gang, n***a it ain't no mystery
Said you want smoke, nobody hitting me
Boy you gon lie? n***a you sh*tting me
You cannot aim, we slamming the rakes
If he wanna play we takin his face
They saying my name, only the fame
Boy go put in pain, no stay in your lane
It's Tazzo the B and you know I got aim
Ask about the gang, we made them [?]
Suck my d**k [?], n***as slide through make you a stain
Boy you need to tell Mori his b*t*h dying
I can tell you we ain't playing no games
I said look me and bro gonna creep up
Opps too soft, steady link up
b*t*h me and mines don't team up
We balling all day while yall still on the bleachers
Hear my sh*t booming like speakers
Pull up with your b*t*h she get swiped like a visa
I'm with the gang know we T'd up
[?] he throwing the threes up

f**k a response, I'm used to leaving n***as unresponsive
Arguing with n***as on the net, only gon leave n***as up in [?]
I ain't never been a talker, slide with Kemba catch a Walker
Gang [?] up, don't play that's a starter
We [?] turn n***as into marijuana
AR won't stop, I'ma get a revolver if you mention my block
It's blood on my name, boyI did a lot
n***as touch Tazzo B and they gon get rocked
I don't get too [?] lil n***as [?] , I ain't gon flock, I'm breaking yall up
Lil n***a what? Go get your big brother or some, last pu**y got left for that bluffing
n***as standing on nothing, I'm supposed to believe all that fronting?
I ain't into the dissing, I'd rather pull up on your DeeDee
[?] lil treeshy, had lil Dee to the low leaky
Please don't talk [?] peep, I move right, how a n***a gon leave me?
Got hits beef [?]
I can tell that's a opp from his fit, if he from the Lz he got bad drip
Doing drills, stay out that mix
I'm a villain, I ain't no simp
I'm [?]
GIP Queezy we all on gang sh*t
Shoot me mad times I still won't say sh*t

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