[Verse 1]
I'm just a puppet in your play
You pull the strings and I obey
High, that oxytocin hit me just right there
It's counterfeit
Zombie, zombie, could it be a hex?
Got me, got me, you took another victim
Mercy, mercy, put me in check
With your hands wrapped 'round my neck

I can't breathe at the thought of you
It's a telekinetic issue
Set me free, I've been caught in you
Overcome with a heartsick voodoo
It's tele-tele-e-e-kinetic

[Verse 2]
I found my role in a tragedy
I lost my soul in the make-believe
Just a doll with your threads sewn into me
Paralysed when you finally cut the strings
So stick your pins in the effigy
Run my life 'til you rip the seams
Build it up in a technicolour dream
A prisoner just for you, now set me free
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