12 Tribes

Xavier Goodman

[Verse 1]
Twelve tribes of Judah
I'm introducing you to my cyanide
Rhyme like state of mind, spikes be
Sharper than a lion's bite
Darker than a twilight
When an eyesight sees snakes
That leave traces of signs
Well I sign bottom lines
I'm coming too hard on this beat, I think I need to wipe up
They put easier pyramids on the dollars like
How does that make sense?

I question everything
Is the Earth flat? Simulations?

Is this just some people who took credit for those oceans and ships
And chains of layеrs and gains and games of twenty-one
But our drеams that set us free
In this place where you must be
Walking until you see
Financially you are free
Oh jeez, oh me, oh my, like
When is that gonna be?
Twenty-four or twenty-one?
All right these games are one-on-one
Are we going to twenty-one?
I'm not even like twenty-one
They're calling me different, one-on-one
Sweet like a cinnamon honey bun
Cool like a bird in the trees
I mean what I say and I say what I mean
I mean what I say and I say what I mean

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