Keep it A Buck lyrics


Intro - never press your luck trying to f**k and get stuck from a chicken trying cluck, gotta keep it a buck/

V1- Started with no dollar amount, now I’m on my way to make money that takes years to count/

The perfect robbery I’m in and out/

2pac can vouch/

I’m just keeping it real (reel) but never fish for trout/

The time is now Gwen I have no doubt/

Man f**k these apartments and I ain’t taking out no loan either to own my house/

So I’m grinding, lord willin’ I don’t show clips (clipse)/

Feel like Tony looking at the blimp/

The world is yours/
Illmatic clogged my pores/

b*t*h I’m about to blow up!/

I’m too cold (cole) with this c4/

The crime scene is were they leavе the shells and not the sеashore/

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