TikTok Diss lyrics


TikTok, we have a problem

Not gonna cap, I got the best content on this app
I drop a vid, they know it's gon' slap
Without my sound, these b*t*hes collapse
I just wan' know, why when I drop, y'all try to stop, gettin' from the top?
I drop a banger, y'all make it flop
They take my sound, y'all make it pop
I follow the guidelines, do what it says, but when I say the N-word, y'all on my head
I mess up once, I'm not on the thread
But, y'all support pedos, Tony Lopez
I don't get it, is it because I don't fit y'all image?
Y'all don't wanna really see me winnin'
You handin' me L's since the beginning
I took it on the chin, just like I'm Crimson
Y'all push people with no talent
I don't miss, I shoot like Allen
Y'all hide people with good content
I'm puttin' my foot down just like I'm Stallion
I make off the head, blowin' them mags
And I won't stop til' I get your tag
I'm leavin' TikTok up in the Gulag
These people don't know who is Trarags (Me)

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