Kawai Sprite
Friday Night Funkin’
[Verse 1: CoryxKenshin]
Getting freaky on a Friday night
My name is CoryxKenshin A.K.A. The Samurai
I pull up on the scene looking sharp as a knife
Yo, why you sitting there?
Slice that like, do it nice, yeah
Beat sounding clean, neck noddin' stupid, bro
What do Dashie say?
Yo, who was in the studio?
Now I'm on the stupid flow
Compet**ion nonexistent
Stay runnin' your mouth then get the freak up off the premises
Sorry to inform: This is not my final form
I got four more, after that, then four more
Eight gates, sucka, I'm opening all doors
I store more key in my core than Ferra Torr
I don't know man
I'm just built different
Friday Night Funkin'
That's a cool listen
Samurai strong
We 'bout to get it poppin'
No losses in sight
The Samurai we never stoppin'

[Verse 2: UltraDrama]
Getting freaky on a Friday night
My name is UltraDrama, A.K.A. The UltraGang
I got a lot of money and I know how to spend it
You too dang on stupid to comprehend it
Aye, I'm flyin' up in a rocket
Me and my boy Cory cannot stop it
I'm 'bout to lock it
But you keep talkin', but you finna do the walkin'
With these bars, I be droppin'
Sittin' over here and you know my name
Well, too bad man, I know ya game
Isn't that a shame?
You got zero fame
Got 100% aim to ya forehead!
UltraGang, man
Yes, we poppin'
Jumpin' like bunnies? Yes, we hoppin'
Got fire drip? Yes, we shoppin'
Can't touch us boys 'cause you know we never stoppin', uh