Kawai Sprite
Monster (Friday Night Funkin Song)

[Verse 1]
Guess it's time
You better plug in all your nightlights
I spit ryhmes
You wanna hurt us? Better think twice
What's out there, past your darkened door?
Be prepared
Gonna sing your sore
Just the eyes floating up out of the shore
Your song's cake those kids were tougher before

(i love a catch that sruggles)

Hey man, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend!
No way! you're gonna meet a sad end!
Or maybe turn her into broth
La-la-la la la
Don't get all sour once you've lost
La-la-la la la

Prep the mеal, cut it up
Stuff it up inside of my secret mеat box
How are you gonna chop
Anything without a weapon?
Got you outfoxed!
Find my, hands across the meat and slowly
Peel the skin off
Find my, hands across the mic and quickly
Rock your socks off!

[Verse 2]
You'll meet your friends
You have no friends
Inside the ambulance
Cause you'd just threaten them
Call into the night
Please, get help tonight!
To the werewolf
Don't ne aloof!
Give all your blood to him
Work out your twisted whims
Stand under the warm street light
Therapy could set you right
Let yourself be hypnotized
Let yourself be... help-notized?

(Agh... that was lame
Can't help him. how do i fight back?
Wait, i know!)

You're just a little snack
And so is your girlfriend
I'll juice you and make snacks
For me and my girlfriend

(wh... what did you say?)

Hey man, your eyes will join the others
Lemon meringue just like my mother's
And then I'll boil your girlfriend
La-la-la la la
Make dough for lemon bread and blend
La-la-la la la

Prep the meal, cut it up
Stuff it up inside of my burning dungeon
Mash the dough, fluff it up
Stuff it up inside of my burning oven!
I would give you guys a little break but
I'm not Satan!
I would serve you up with pepper steak but
That's not vegan!

Oooooooh yeah!
Oooooooh yeah!