3rd Bass
The Cactus (Remix)
Cactus, C-cactus, Cactus, Cactus
Open your legs to MC Serch and Pete Nice
Delivering the cactus

[Verse 1: MC Serch]
3rd Ba** deals with the first place
Of where your mind is
The kind of stuff that you want to smoke blunts with
Take pictures, like Allen Funt would
Snapshots get the crack hot
Good to get it, but don't sweat it
Cause if you pursue she'll chalk the cue
And boom, stroke the 8 ball
Stick and run and were having fun
Prickin' my cactus like I'm shooting my gun
Quickly 'til it explodes and I unload
The cactus

[Verse 2: Pete Nice]
I stand for lust of quenchin'
Gee sit on cactus and rotate
Enough time to clock a digit
A** so large it won't quit
So I step to kick to
The Oval Office in my intro
Throwin' low ba** to the third line
A girl on mines a prop
So I found loops to hold
And then a boomin' b*** to go
To go lo solo readily
It's the cactus behind door 3

[Bridge: MC Serch]
Do you get it now? Do you get the picture?
Do you understand where i'm placing you in
The position of the torso?
It's a little low, around the midsection, cool
You gettin' it? You get the picture?
I see you gettin' heated, let me bring another lyric to you

[Verse 3: MC Serch]
The smart villain, chillin' like Gilligan
Out on an island
Fishin' with my string and bamboo
Caught somethin' in a see thru nighty
Might be a little tasty
A 300 pound white girl
No one to see this, boom, I dropped my fluid like a chemist
She's contained and I'm a lame brain
But doing the wild thing
Kicked the fat thing off of my swing
Larger than Jim Backus
It's the cactus
[Bridge: Pete Nice]
There it is, hey young ladies
Keep bouncin', bouncin' the cactus
The cactus, it's time to ground and feel
The cactus, Pete Nice delivers the cactus

[Verse 4: Pete Nice]
No boots your money spent
Last call for toxicants
One move to reach a throttle
Eyesight is through a goggle
I trips to the hype type
Good-lookin' in the dark light
It's appetizing to conversate
To a fossil pushing 58
All bags and her b*** sags
In the desert no price tag
A household tool and a stank ho
The cactus turned Hammer's mother out

[Outro: Pete Nice]
There it is, RIF Productions has brought forth the cactus
Forget what you have heard, forget what you might have seen
'Cause this is the new thing to swing upon in 80-deca
Sam Sever got the cactus
Pete Nice got the cactus
Tayshaun got the cactus
MC Serch got the cactus
Russell Simmons got the cactus
KMD got the cactus
Doom and Heim got the cactus
Ahmed and Otis got the cactus
Big Craig got a BIG ol' cactus!
Rush got the cactus
Dante, he got a little itty bitty baby cactus!
...but he can still use it, ha ha ha haaa! See ya!
Yo, we're Professor Griff, that means we're outta here, sucka
Ey Don Bluey, wheres my cactus?
Yo, you ain't got no cactus
Deshaun, wheres my cactus?
No food for you Deshaun, until you find my cactus