3rd Bass
M.C. Disagree And The Re-Animator
Sup, it's Pete here
Found my ride and i'm gonna pa** it over to you
This alcohol, is the re-animator
This is the re-animator
And it would've been greater
Wouldn't have disagreed for him to ride
Freestylin' off the top of my head
Chillin' with MC and happenin' to drink Hi-C's
And you'll find me at home sellin' a lot of people
Serch's old stuff, that I had to take when I was around him
Like old cigars, underwear, what have you
And if you want any of that stuff, give me a call at
(212) 477-7989, I may be home, even Serch might be around
You can talk to them
But, uh, then you can put in the request
Alright, take it easy