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Lloyd Banks

"1970 Something"

[Biggie sample - in the background throughout the song]
"19- 1970 Somethin'."

Uh-huh! {JULY!}

1970 Somethin' - my momz and my popz met (yeah!)
sh*t was different and I ain' even drop yet. (uh!)
Years past with a birth of a lil' star (yeah!)
A product of the weed and a bar. (whooo!) {Whooooo!}
Predicted a bad seed by far (uh-huh!)
Now the kids run up and see my car. (yeah!)
I can probably make it fly if I try
Blowin' the lye in the sky when I'm high till I die
In the ride with a .9 on my side [gun c*cks]
Let my tombstone read. - I try full of pride. (pride!)
I got a whole lotta dough to get (yeah!)
I am a roller sh*t! (yeah!) - Captain I control the ship. (uh!) {Whooo!}
A n*gga flow like mine he stole this sh*t, (yeah!)
He sold a few records before he noticed it. (yeah!)
Ma, I can do this in my sleep (uh!)
I skip through the beat hand gripped on the heat. (damn!) [gunshot] {sh*t!}
I'm doin' all this for the n*ggas that passed
Ball out a tree everyday like it last
Cause bullets ain't got no names, jus' targets (yeah!)
They leave brains with stains on carpets. {SHADY! }
The drama gonna go down regardless
These n*ggas ready for the showdown they Heartless. (uh-huh!)
Uh - I murdered n*ggas from the intro [gunshot]
From the switch make the Six-Four Endo. {DAMN!} (whoo!)
Now it's 2006! (yeah!)
I got a brand new house in the cliffs
That's why I walk around in my slips
With a b*tch! - I only keep her around for her lips

Yeah! {REEF GOTTA! }
"Rotten Apple"

GET BACK! [echoes] [beat fades out]

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