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Lloyd Banks

"This Is The Life"

Ima smoke all day
f*ck all night
I think I'm c*mmin'
This is the life
I'm counting money
Do what I like
Life is a gamble
Just shoot the dice
Green money keeps chrome wheels turning
White and Black girls popping And Purple weed burning
What I do with my time don't concern em
Middle finger cops, big money earning

Everybody talking but my kinda talk's the reason I ain't gotta walk I got a ride
Hustle like my time is short
Surround my fort, hippo choppa, camo, damn if I get caught
Get common sense to tell you I ain't playin' know how hard I fought?
f*ck these b*tches they'll be there when I get back
Back to the lab, mad, roll the chronic bag, smoking and scratching the pad
Calico rap when I'm mad had to go back to the rags
Yea they know I got to have, caddy doors over my swag
Fatties all over get bagged, Hugh-er Hef b*tch
Diamonds shining everywhere, ears, fingers, neck, wrists
White boat, jet 6, 7 when my album drop
These haters got a death wish and I can smell em round the block


South side is where I got my style at
Right where they foul at
Where futures' f*cked up, and crying ladies want they child back
Born in the combat, I get it spend it more behind that
This holy mind crack, contagious, avoid contact
I been rhyme jacked, left and right where I lost my mind at
Between a gat and a hard place now erase all that
You haters fall back, cash money's my favorite door mat
I'm like colliding with a ball bat and .44 claps
Pinacolada with my draws on and jawbone love
Three friends, big tub, bet they all gon rub
They don't want no scrub and I don't want no bird
Baby text me til you catch me, let me breathe til I catch that that urge

[Hook 2x]

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