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Lloyd Banks


[Verse 1]
Uh! - Music molotov, microphone manipulator
Full blown baller baby, he in the incubator
Great laser on any infiltrator
Comin' with that bullsh*t n*gga you leave a cripple hater
3rd time is a charm that mean triple paper
All kinds of Dom, Moet and liquor major
And this is the underrated, most hated
My thoughts are R rated, horror reincarnated!
Uh! - Criminal ties and gray skies
Concrete cries and steak knives - anything to stay alive
Money fuels, ya drive. - Life's materialized
Ain't no more wives! - Just sl*ts!
Learn to improvise!
Keep the necessary, push the rest to the side
I ball for my n*ggas that's locked up or died
One phone call and they pop up and ride!
Corner to corner and reeks of marijuana
Possibilities: Jealousy and drama - and close friends lyin' ya
Your destiny is designed pen or reason crime
n*ggas gotta grind AND keep their enemies in line
Rockstars and chopped cars
We don't buy cups we buy bars and ain't nobody got jobs
We don't get married - we menage!
Should make you far if you add up all the odds

Yeah! - Pockets full of green; green weed, green jag
Green Gang n*gga, clean mag, green rag
Green thumb counting money till I'm numb
n*ggas think repercussions funny till it come
We trust none; gun running thru the slum One-...
... -Hundred round the drum come around here acting dumb!
Green movie, green bent, green light
Green'll makes the baddest thing seem right

[Verse 2]
If I gotta pick a borough, I got to pick the Q
I grew up there! - So don't - go there. (uh!)
But that don't mean a n*gga can't rest in the X
Get some nice neck in the Jets
Ride thru the K in the Lex, y'all n*ggas is a mess!
Thinkin' I'm gon' stop? - Getting uptown top! (uh!)
Now imma raise the bar a little every few months
Lift up the handle to your arm - Give you goosebumps
Punks! Better that than bruises!
Or stitches - from the Calicos and Rugers
Uh! - Them n*ggas can't move us - I take 'em all to church
You hear screams, "oohs! " and "hallelujahs"!
Follow me I show you how to do this
Fill up the needle and injected in the users
Roll with the winners or lose with the losers
I'm in the Guinness, the one with the jewels


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