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Lloyd Banks

"End of an Era Freestyle"

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Ringin' on your line like what's your favorite scary movie
Terrorizin' here to Sydney, tap your kidney with the toolie
I'ma need my f*cking money like Sal was told by Mookie
Have you jumpin' out the windows, hoppin' fences like the Stucci's
Box cutter tucker back when IB had the snoopy
n*gga miss me with them deuces, take a shotty blast to move me
Known to make it gloomy won't be honored when they choose me
I survived the gunfire, f*ck a comment gon' do to me
We don't go for threats so watch the way you talk around me
Better pump your f*cking breaks I'll have to park you like Jabari
Yeah y'all came in like gorillas 'til they stomped you out the party
Trying to show off for these b*tches playing sponsor out here prolly'
sh*t I never had a time for hatin', toast for domination
Threesomes for minuscule purposes, blend the chronic cases
Made it from the underground, wrote all my names around the basement
VVS target practice, rays aimin' out the bracelet
Been the nicest, n*ggas pretend and ain't gon' acknowledge it
The one your local MC secretly got a problem with
Magnum fully loaded, still leftovers from my rookie clip
Professional curver, BMW had me pus*y whipped
Patience thinner than your passport, you never took the trip
My mirror took in memories, flashbacks when I look at it
You freezin' out here, tryin' to find a loophole, too cold
Told my jeweler, like my timepieces two tone, blue gold
sh*t be changin' every day, I'm Mr News though, new code
Ate the cheddar, got the cover of the crew blown, you told
Outages from me shocking the world, that's black energy
You ball they wanna lock n*ggas up, like Pat Beverley
Last CD was 45 casings, I'm back Desert E'
Godly pass to all my receivers, mental telepathy
Raise the complexity it takes longer to get things, baow!
Bullet wound in ya size of NBA 'chip rings, wow!
Under machines it becomes easier to gas all, Paow!
Shooting for the stars you tryin' to block the shot uhh, foul!
Sometimes I resurrect my old style
Never changed when they changed up then and I won't now

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