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Lloyd Banks

"Don't Tell Em (MEGAMIX)"

[Produced By: DJ Mustard]

[Intro: YG]
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Hook: Jeremih]
Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion
Girl I guess that must be you
Body like the summer, f*ckin' like no other
Don't you tell 'em what we do
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em

[Verse 1: Jeremih]
Know you say you down with it
Won’t tell em how you hit the ground with it
Girl you know I’m from Chicago
I act a fool, Bobby Brown with it (in it)
Nobody take me out, though
You got gifts bring em down the South Pole
Marathon doll gon' put in miles
Don’t you worry bout him, I gon' work it out

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih]
Only is you got me feeling like this
Oh why, why, why, why, why
Loving while grabbing the rhythm of your hips
That’s right, right, right, right, right

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Shawty from the back, met her in the A
Hit it at the ‘tel, never hit it where I stay, hah
You know I act the fool, Bobby Brown with it
Got her leg shaking, James Brown with it
Drop it to the ground with it
Heard the whole town hit it
Hit it then I pass it to my man, D. Brown with it
Young rich n*ggas, uptown
Keep her close, we snipe, duck down
And you already know
Pull up in the big ass yacht like no
Don’t tell ‘em, don’t tell ‘em
You ain’t even gotta tell ‘em
We ain’t kissin’, we ain’t tellin’
Money stack to the ceiling, hah

[Hook: Jeremih (YG)]
Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion
Girl I guess that must be you
Body like the summer, f*ckin' like no other
(I keep it on the D.L, and creep like TL
Just tell me them details, just hand me)
Don't you tell 'em what we do
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em (no)

[Verse 3: YG]
3-1-0 9-3-4 8-6-1-6
I got a missed call from your b*tch
She been plottin' on me for a cool minute
She wanna' suck my di*k, and I'm cool with it
I like girls in the shower, when it's winter fresh
It’s some Twitter pus*y, I met on the Internet
On my late-night thirsty, ‘cause it was late-night and I was thirsty
Girl, I been to that county girl, I ain't tellin'
Handcuff me to the bed, girl it ain't no bailin'
I keep a stack of hundreds, I can keep a secret
If anything you was explorin', you wasn’t cheating
She got my number stored under fake names
Her n*gga think she faithful, but she runnin game
YOLO, so take me out these Polos
And we can f*ck from Uno to Ocho

[Pre-Hook: Jeremih]

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 4: T.I.]
Got a man, he gon’ do it befo you do it
Ya amateur, just a man and ya wanna get to it
It’s jibberless and I just wanna get to it, man
I tried, told her bring a friend or I ain’t wanna do it
Hop a thot, spread out, aye there partner, show me where the head at
And a home girl a squirter, switch the bed ap
And I made her dammit, dat the one ya care bout?!
Huh, anyway, meet the grand off with gummy pants
I got ya b*tch all on me, I don’t even wanna ask
Prolly ask her where the cow, where she goin’?
I tell ’em f*ck her, he ain’t hard and he knows it
Aye, man I swear this a heart when she blow it
She a whore, she be goin’, out the door when she throw it
Like the cars she be goin’ off, and like she wanna see
How far she can go down
And it ain’t far till she yellin’ out ‘oh Lord, will ya take it out?’
They the ones that wanna see me take it out
Bunch of bad b*tches all around my whereabouts
Then who ya man is I don’t care about
If she got an ass on her, I’mma wear it out
This one thang she will neva do
Anything but what I tell her to
Aye, and here’s one thing that I tell her
Please, when you and him speak, don’t speak on me

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 5: 50 Cent]
Don’t tell ‘em I be around this b*tch
Got you doing all kinds of freaky sh*t, making flicks
(Don’t tell ‘em)
Don’t tell ‘em I be in your front door
Then I’m in your backdoor on all fours
Don’t tell ‘em cause a n*gga would be heartbroken
Chest out, stressed out, n*gga start smoking
I ain’t trippin’, I am chillin’, I ain’t illin’
I ain’t thinkin’ about no n*gga in his feelings

[Verse 6: Young Buck]
They gon’ try to break us up, don’t let ‘em
Half of these hoes never rode in a Phantom
We be doing the thing, girl, hope you don’t change, girl
Maybe one day I might get you and my main girl
Tequilla shots, got her taking off her top
Make that ass pop, I’mma drink this bottle to the last drop
I got bands, baby, dance like a mascot
You can hit me up, I done moved from the last spot

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 7: Jeremih]
Girl, he fufu with it
But you know I know what to do with it
I'll give you that, girl, I'm talking laps
As if you got a pool in it
And she say she ain't with your best friends
Then let me be your down man
You know you feeling how your boy press play
Just keep that ass rewindin'
Only with you got it feel like this
Ooh why, why, why, why, why
Loving while grabbing the rhythm your hips
That’s right, right, right, right, right

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 8: Rick Ross]
Pull up to the spot, I see she blowing thick smoke
Stepping out of wide body and she thick (Wooo)
You've been misrepresented if you fufu
If your man fake, that goes for you too
I'm on a beach, White T and my cuban link
We at the table, bottles coming like I hit a Brink
Ass fat, nice rack, let me see you wiggle
Smoke loud for the pound, now they hit a n*gga
Speed boat, dope boy, call it gamble flu
You of them, one of them, still a criminal
I'm in the back, know you see me, ain't gotta front
Red and black Rolex, this a one of one
Hood Billionaire, damn right, the biggest one
Stalley drop pills, double M we get it done
Fast money, boy [?] wanna run it
Take one, on the table toss a couple hundred

[Verse 9: Ty Dolla $ign]
When this song come on do the ratchet
No cuffin’ here puff puff pass it
Ay, you know I’m from L.A
Stay ready we ain’t gotta get ready no
Uh, pretty face and a big butt
Told her toot it then I boot it like the World Cup
She make it Wa, Waka-Wa-Waka
She let me hit it like pah-pah

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 10: Pitbull & (Jeremih)]
Ella una loca, ella me provoca
Ella le gusta la fiesta
(Don't tell 'em, don't tell em
You and me, don't tell 'em
Dont tell em
You ain't even gotta tell em
Dont tell em)
No le diga
(Dont tell em)
No le diga
(You and me)
No le diga que me ileva su amiga, no le diga
Say nothing, they got nothing, these boys tracks some
Acting like they run something
En boca cerrada o entra mosca
So agarate la boca and y dale loca
Close mouth dont get fed and in this a close mouth will get you some head
Im from what you do, what you say
But you won't say what you do
Yeah thats a catch 22
From Miami to Irak
Leave here mammy swaring as a nice pack
I dont wear jewelry but that big botty make like cake make that chico wana ice that
I ain;t talking nice bucket silence
Im talking bout a f*cking challenge
Take it for Johannes, real one move in silence Don't tell em

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 11: Ace Hood]
Ok, now who's that smellin' like some Indo
That pus*y good, she can call me when her funds low
I make it pop one time like I'm Mentos
I still ride Forgiatos on the Benz doe
I say now come here girl cause you somthing I admire
Face like a model and a body like my life
You go girl, you go girl
You got a plenty Foreign ass, guess it's your world
I think the liquor kickin' in like it's Bruce Lee
They acting shallow cause I'm in this b*tch too deep
I make it rain in the club, not a roof leak
I'm too connected in my city like I'm Wee-Fee
Sorry y'all I meant Wi-Fi, I bet the money make them b*tches show their ta-tas
I treated a dig like a chopper hover rattata
I got your main lady sliding like the Cha Cha
Yeah, to the left, to the left
See Your man calling, but you heavy out of breath
Stormed out of the house, left your panties on the shelf
If he asks you any questions, on the real

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 12: Quavo]
Don't tell 'em that I beat it up like fight night
But she did tell me that you're small like a Mike & Ike
Too much information, baby, you ain't gotta tell me
But everybody know that she selfish
Pull up in Ferraris, my b*tch rockin' Versace
They already know we f*ckin', you ain't gotta hide it
Nobody can find us, we coolin' on islands
You ain't gotta tell him that I got you outta Follies
When I pulled up on her, you know she get in
She ain't know that I'm handsome and wealthy
House on a hill, got a mansion, come live
Just don't tell nobody how you got in

[Verse 13: Takeoff]
Beat it up, don't eat it up, Bentley Mulsanne I speed it up
Want you to travel around the globe with me, no Expedia
Rockin' a mink chinchilla, fox fur, put in my interior
Smokin' hookah with Everclear, takin' a trip to Delaware
Maison Margiela, I shop any weather
My girl wanna be a Giuseppe stepper
Peter Piper, he done piped the pepper
I'm Michael Phelps, won a gold medal
Hit it with the left then hit it with the right
Knockout just call me Mayweather
So many Benjamins on me
Might mistake me for a bank teller

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 14: Lloyd Banks]
(Don't tell 'em)
You don’t really care right? Say it like you mean it
Later on you're sneaking, behavior going indecent
No holding back, ain’t got no reason
Middle of the summer and I’m out here freezing
Please and all of the above

[Verse 15: Tony Yayo]
High heels, pills and potions
Wrists [?] get the dutches, we smoking
I’m a starver for my Southside chicks
But please don’t run your lips about no side n*gga di*k

[Verse 16: Kidd Kidd]
Money too long, it don’t matter, but it measures
You ain’t in my good look, we just look better
Gotta keep it on the low though, don’t tell ‘em
He ain’t cuffing you like a convicted felon
Said she wanna groove back like Stella
No one could do it better, K. I double letter
She beautiful, she bella, homie, don’t sweat her, let her
She was like that when you met her
RG, Goodfellas

Don't Tell Em!

[Verse 17: Offset]
I'm dabbin' in Maison Margielas, don't tell 'em they might get jealous
Her forehead on my pelvis, I don't cuff 'em, I don't settle
You a champion, you deserve a gold medal
Ain't got time on my schedule, gotta go get the cheddar
You ain't got time to be worried 'bout them
Kissin' all over you, rubbin' your hip
I got the Tiffany diamonds all up in your ear
Smackin' your booty while I'm hittin' it from the rear
Smackin' a secret, your pus*y be drippin' and leakin'
I did a show I cannot leave it, f*ck her and then I delete it
Victoria, she keepin' a secret, don't tell 'em that, no
My diamonds, they cold, anemic, and I can't front, no
I'm finished, you know I need her

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Outro: Jeremih]
Right, right, right, right, right, right, right
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, no
Why, why, why, why would you do (oh)
Just keep the rhythm like that, that (that, that)
Put in on like that, that (that, that)
I know you like that (that, that, that, that)
You know I want that (that, that, that, that)
Ohh oh-ohh oh-ohh oh-ohh

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