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Lloyd Banks

"Squeeze 1st"

I'ma, squeeze first ask questions last
That's how most of these so called gangstas passed
So I'm a - squeeze first ask questions last
And if I pull it, I'm a pop it so stay out of my way
Cause I'm a - squeeze first ask questions last

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
I ain't the richest but I'm richer than y'all!
sh*t! Banks is like a young will Chamberlan - all I do is f*ck b*tches and ball
My 18 n*ggas'll splatter you for talkin' that sh*t
You might as well hire a doctor to walk around with
n*gga' your own blood'll soak your clothes
And I ain't worried about you comin' back, cause you can't smell beef with a broken nose
From now on keep your cars and your homes tinted
Your peice'll shine if you had some more stones in it
If you ain't dunkin' or dumpin' then go to hell home
Cause the only clip on your hip hold your cell phone
I know you're focused and you've been writin'
But all your beggin' is chewin' off my ear like Tyson
I need a bag big enough to get my mens straight
So I'm a need a O dog, and I ain't talkin' like Larenz Tate
A O.G told me to market with the block
He been around since they hit Martin with the rock
Don't make me send n*ggas to your apartment with the Glock
They eat all your food up and stomp you in you're socks
I got rocks and n*ggas can't afford to buy it
That's why I got beef bigger than Kelly Price before the diet
You ain't gonna stain up my sheets so I'm a chose the couch
And if you on your period you got to use your mouth
Some remain and some switch when the hoes got us
That's why I know more tricks than the globe trotters
We'll rush your studio maskin' our picture
Make you stutter and say your verse faster than Twista
You ain't headin' in here, cause when we in hotels
They got to lock the floor down like the presidents there
You would think givin' top is a problem
But my b*tch can suck di*k with braces on without poppin' the condom
All the groupies want to show they face
After the shows, they follow the cars longer than the O.J. chase

Squeeze first ask questions last
Gangstas passed!
Squeeze first ask questions last
That's how most of these so called gangstas passed
'Mo Money In The Bank!
It's 2003!

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