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Lloyd Banks

"Young Fly Flashy"

[Verse 1]
L's from every corner steam up
Told myself just 10 more years and I should be clean
But I'm a fiend, smoke so much purple I sh*t green
b*tches tryin to Face Time naked, I need a split screen
Top dollar to the mechanics so the Beamer's sit mean
I give you six or seven hundred, I can dream of 16
69 never! Ma you gon' do me and I'm done
See you gon' find better, see if I mind I'm not the one
Bougie hoes blitzin, they sprintin when they get my calls
Look at y'all trickin, same p*ss different stall
Me I'm never slippin, it's pimpin when I get involved
I'm lookin like chicken, they hungry and you give of course
Cold cash triple Porsche, another n*gga lost
A low pass give exhaust, a ho's ass isn't yours
Bullsh*t on my line, the sour got me gettin by
The best you can find, I feel like I'm in the sky
Old school Impala spoken, s'a lil' momma open
O.G. by the pound I puff, I'm never tired of smokin
We gon' light up all the sh*t until it's re-up time
Coppin chronic so long, the weed dealer can read my mind
Shorty hawkin, she'll be with the team in time
Fattest ass I ever seen, she done made a demon bomb
Pulled up on her smoother than the magazine I seen her on
Music up loud, cause I ain't got to beep the horn

I'm a young high, dumb fly, gettin money n*gga
n*gga dumb high, young fly, gettin money n*gga
I'm, I'm a young, I'm a young, I'm a young
n*gga dumb high, young fly, gettin money n*gga

[Verse 2]
Uh! Thirty bottles later and I'm stumblin out; b*tches with me
Ass and titties comin out the nightclub like Mahala House
I know I'm in trouble, cause she moppin from the passenger
I think I'm seein double, their asses'll back the traffic up
Funny thing, I'm thinkin 'bout money while it's happenin
My passion, she took it all down, don't need a napkin
Ask me if I give a f*ck if I'm a see her again
I ain't your friend, I ain't got a pot to pee in or lend
b*tch I'm a young fly, dumb high, stuntin number one guy
Rich n*gga, swim tides, G'd 'em both in one ride
Risk taker; I'm a need you to take a chance
Close your don't know nuttin mouth up while I lead you with the plan
Plenty more on deck ho I don't need you I'm just sayin
This the perfect spot for both you and you ain't gon' get there playin
What's my name? Mr. I Don't Love Her, leave her when I f*ck
What's my aim? Spend every remaining evening with these bucks


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