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Lloyd Banks

"Terror Dome"

[Verse 1]
Hoppin out that motherf*cker two doors up
Sadiddy pretty b*tches but her crew won't f*ck
I'm in the south don't reaffirm I'm on my New York stuff
I gets 'em in and moves 'em out, I need a U-Haul truck
My cup overflows with mojo you done used yours up
Feel like I'm catching stunts in slow mo
Got the shoe store stuck
n*gga my new bar is up
My reputation got the booth starstruck
Gotta be two guards up
Hard to regroup hard luck
Pardon me, move, I'm next
Robbery? Cool, I'm vexed
Half of me is all f*cked up,part of me is too complex
She's screaming out for the lord, how many has moved by sex
I get that new bomb head called the dupont reg
Regular weed's a no, hit it hard ,breathe it slow
How the hell we get so cold, 500 degrees below
Here we ,here we go,rare canary flow
Pretty automobile on the street, this scary though

Yeah,this for my home,n*ggas dead and gone
South Jamaica, Queens, Terror Dome
Where the lead is blown, man down
Somebody getting planned out in the land now
Get your mind right let me take you to
The society, you may not make it through
A bunch of homies and some heart make it cruel
f*ck the police and your pus*y ass too

[Verse 2]
Back looking for blood
Be like where you was?
sh*t chillin, ballin', draggin
Chicks all off these clubs
Had to get do one big pool of sh*t
Just to get some love
Open sesame, the recipe
The extasy's a drug
Step G strolling, weed smoking, wack as hell MC
Broken, V open, how you gonna catch me in your jeans
Choking, playa to the core, got the woman of my dreams
Open, lust coming from my aroma
Cause my steam potent, spot me in the room a king
Y'all know I'm that dude in Queens, stupid bling, laughing big
Smile right out the movie screen, my Louie clean
f*ckin' palm is itching so that's usually green
Using gold the most, underrated God truth be told
Young black mistake, out of this violent cruel nature
Victim never predicter, you can keep your fools paper
Never bled sucker blood, my heart don't pump an ounce of fear
Marksman I'm hitting everybody out there


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