GYFO Cypher
[Verse 1: Luisss]
Bitch, I slide wit' a Glock and a Mac
D-Draco on me and you know it's attached
She call me the man, n***a feel like bat
Call me the man, feel like Bruce Wayne
When I sign a deal, need a milly like Lil Wayne
She like I'm from New York and my voice is deep like Bane
I'm in the back, in the back, in the back
And I'm putting in that pain
If she not in the [?], I'm not grabbin' her ass, I'm feelin' on my chain
She like my B.B. buckle, white
It's shining, it's from Simon
Told her, "1500 stay together"
Like Alvin, Theodore, and Simon
VVs so I might have to play a sport
'Cause I got all these damn diamonds
All my n***as up for a reason
1500, we did all the climbing
All my n***as up for a reason
1500, you know that we grinding
The way my n***as stay in the village and work on they craft
You thought we were mining

[Verse 2: PCAJAY]
All of yo' n***as is broke
They stuck in that village
I see why they whinin'
Hol' up my n***a rewind it
Done put a mil' on a plate, I might sign that
Bitch, I ain't gay but all of my n***as gon' run to that sack
Like a m'fuckin' lineman
Hit Johnny Dang, my diamonds they waiting for SOS
They stuck on a island
Don't care what you say
I think that you gay
Because without makeup, yo' bitch really frightening
Shoutout to Will, Imma slide with a Smith
But I feel like I'm Jada, I'm cheating with money
We get 'em shot like it's Covid
G19 gon' wipe his nose like it's runny
Shoutout to Kobe, we send that boy to a nurse
Got him hoppin' like he was a bunny
I feel like I'm Wes, Imma count up the sunnies
He eatin' bullets, they fill up his tummy
Feel like Future, I cheat on my bitch
Imma tell her a lie 'cause I know she a dummy
Feel like I'm Jace
If I see the opps (That's him)
Don't care how many, you know that I'm gunnin'
[Verse 3: Katozai]
1500 elite
Call up yo' bitch, n***a , I'm tryna free
I'm from the 6ix so you know Imma ski
N***a a L, call him glee
Come to my crib, I got the free
She finna smile when she need the D
Count up my money, it go like ka-ching
Bitch on the phone, let it ring
Ran up a mil', you can search me on Bing, Google
Bitch, I'm a dog and you is a poodle
White lady and she screaming out (Doodle)
Fat n***a, yeah, he eating up strudels
F-fat n***a, yeah, he eating up noodles
Old n***a, man not trapping off ooVoo
Black plug man, I'm calling him Ooju

[Verse 4: Maajins]
Ha, haa
Go long on his block, [?]
Know I keep me a gadget like Spencer
That lil' n***a tryna talk crazy
Call up my big body shooter, he a center
I fucked yo' bitch
Go get yo' lick back
[?] on that chain that you lending
7'6 shooter, I call him Manute
Gettin' the bag then I give her the boot
Hold on, stop the beat for these fuck n***as
Run in your crib and we taking your loot
Callin' my Glock, Pop Smoke
Thought it was gas, sold him artichoke
Career goin' down just like a slope
Lil' boy that's IT, you finna float
Your bitch kissin' on me like I got a booboo
And my brother beside me, the one who gon' shoot you
What Kato say, old plug trappin' off of ooVoo
That n***a a moo, he fufu
Run in his crib and we take his dabloons
That n***a got sent, up, balloon
You can get swept, just like broom
Hate n***as, yeah, I feel like a coo-
[Verse 5: Jonoftf]
If he keep talkin' crazy, that n***a get popped like balloon
We piss on his grave n***a, fuck a tune
1500 n***a, yeah, we some goons
He a e-dater boy, he nuttin' on Zoom
Fuck it, we smokin' his pack
And I feel just like Travis, 'cause I'm the highest in the room
Stand on my money, I'm taller than Shaq
Finna fuck on his ho, yeah, hit from the back
I feel like BK, yeah, slide wit' a ruler
He say he gon' slide, he ain't even on that
Walk in the bank, LMAO
You think you on top, you don't know my rank tho'
Ridin' 'round town in a Range Rove'
I'm fuckin' this ho n***a, I gotta go
She a lil' freak n***a, how you ain't know
I'm moving too slow, 'cause I pour me a four
Yeah, I'm countin' these racks
I got money galo'
It's 1500 n***a, you already know

[Verse 6: Slump6s]
Tic-tac choppa go right through ya' toe
I feel like Santana, I'm baggin' a ho
My n***as trap at the back of the sto'
And the red beam hittin' the back of ya throat (Red light)
You get the bag and you stop (Green light)
I get the pack and I go
He tried to run but he goin' too slow
Big 1500, you already know
One, my n***as uppin' the gun
Five, that n***a ready to die
Zero, I feel like Terry Herro
Play with that heat, turn that boy to a Cheerio
Slide with a mask like I'm Rey Mysterio
Chop' got a bowl, turn that boy to a cereal
Bitch, I'm a killer, ain't talkin' 'bout serial
Chop' got a light, turn that boy to a dare
Walk in the spot, got her wet like a pear
That n***a really a fruit, pear
Walk in the store, Imma buy me a pair
Chop' got him taking a seat, chair
Woo, I'm feelin' like Ric Flair
We got the drop so I came to his crib
We finna smoke that boy down like a cig'
Don't smoke cigarettes
[Verse 7: Shaio]
We tryna clean 'em, we tryna wash 'em
I'm getting green like a n***a from Boston
He try to play us then that shit gon' cost him
He talkin' tough but he don't got no knockin's
Turn that shit off, I don't fuck wit' my opps shit
N***a not gang, that boy an imposter
N***a, you good? Su casa mi casa
Just hit me up, if you need me I got you
Tell bro shoot twice if he tryna play possum
Smokin' his pops, this shit got me coughin'
Word to your mother, your music is dogshit
When you come to the Queens, make sure that you're cautious