Where Did You Go
[Intro: S'morez & PCAJAY]
Where did you go, go
Where did she go, go
(Tell 'em, 3quinox)
Gang, yeah, gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, yeah, hey
Gang, gang, gang, gang
Yeah, huh, yeah, huh
Gang, gang

[Verse 1: PCAJAY]
We looking for opps, like where did you go
Once I tag him, then I'm shootin' his bro
3-1 like 'Bron, we upping the score
Hit him drop dead, then we shooting the floor
She loving on me, giving X's and O's
We touching yo' ex like we tagging the ho
X him out the picture, his body got o's
Guess you could say we put a tac on his toe
We hittin' a drill like, "Is you ready for real?"
He talk on my gang, we pop him like a pill
I'm sippin' on Wock' I'm crackin' off the seal
We make big money, counting up the bills
Aye, shoutout to Luisss, sh*t been getting real
I got all these diamonds
They shine on my neck and they watery like they dancing with the seals, R.I.P
N***as talking down, they gon' D-I-E
Shout out to Chris, got blood on the leaves
Feel like I'm Juice, got blood on my jeans
Put red on your shirt, I'm not talking Supreme
[Verse 2: GloFromDa4]

[Verse 3: Katozai]

[Verse 4: Luisss]
When I beck out the G-Lock, yeah, he better move
You never been in my shoes
Never did it to me, but I did it to you
You got hit with the Mac-11 and the 2
When I back out the stick, better duck
Feel like Ken Car$on with the tool, I'm clutch
Try me n***a, you gon' try one of us
Scott and Tdoug, yeah, they rollin' a blunt...

[Verse 5: Slump6s]
Uh, yeah
We got 'em running, like where he go
Put him in the sky like a damn eagle
He don't got no money, like damn, he broke (Damn)
Like 1500, we steppin' on necks
No Nike, b*t*h, I gotta Tech
Glock on my side and this sh*t go blatt (Okay)
New Hellcat with a...