Insolent Myth/TSBTS
[Verse 1]
Damn, you're beautiful
But I already scheduled your funeral
Sorry I have to do this
It's honestly you're fault for making me pissed
I guarantee you'll be missed
Just know that I love you...but you're a fuckin' slut bitch
This time you were caught in the act
My instant reaction? Attack
Sorry for beating your ass
What other choice did I have?
I love you to death but at the same time I hate you so bad
When will you learn?
You never do keep your word
This is absurd
I never knew you were fucking on her
I didn't even know you wеre bi
You said you were straight but you liеd
I'll just sit down and cry
Get my knife and cut myself until my blood's dry
I ruined my brain
My shirt is covered in blood stains
I'm outside at night in the rain
Strapped your body to the tracks now here comes the train
Watch it run over your face
You kind of apologized too late
I'm really sorry but I'm not
I gave you more than one shot
You wasted all the chances you got
Fuck, you know I loved you a lot
I hid your corpse in order for me to avoid the cops
Now your body just sits here in my basement to rot
[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2:]
I'm not sad about the situation anymore
You're better this way and we don't argue anymore
I try my best to clean your beautiful corpse
You dead body stinks and some skin from your face is still torn
I don't care anyway
You're mine until my dying day
People say I'm insane
But I'm perfectly okay
After all, you keep me sane
I don't care what they have to say
And it never fucking mattered that you were ever fake...

At least... not to me it didn't...