Insolent Myth
Hanging Corpses (Death Metal Version)
Well, you can always find me on the outskirts of Hell I'm a bad boy
But my parents are dead so who are you gonna tell? I've lost all joy
I'm too high lately for people to push me, but I still fell My life story is so f**king morbid
But now it's all over and I'm in Hell staring at hanging corpses

[Verse 1]
I made a deal with a demon to make me happy It didn't work...
My life is way too f**ked up to change, sadly
Let's play a game...I'll go first
Put your hand on the board, we'll contact Ca**ie
I'm gonna go outside...By the cemetery next to the church
And cut until my wrists burn
Let's pa** the knife back in forth, it's your turn
Don’t be nervous, I’ll help you learn
Put the tip of the blade and pull back ‘till it hurts
Soon it will feel good, don’t think it gets worse
Just don’t hit a vein, be careful
Yeah, just like that, keep going, don’t be afraid
Don’t let the blood scare you, it’s okay
Are you done cutting for today?
Aww, you’re crying, what’s wrong? Still sad that your life’s gone?
Don’t be sad… I’ll hold you close…
Do you feel safe now? Are you cold?
Here… have my coat
I’ve had lots of good girls… but I love you the most…
(Full Song Coming Soon...)