The Worst Lullaby Ever lyrics

Olivia Rodrigo & Madison Hu

[Olivia Rodrigo, Choir & Madison Hu]

Time for bed, little baby
I've never sung a lullaby before
So I hope this goes well

Now it's time to go to sleep, you've had a busy day
Let your eyelids slowly close, your cares will drift away
You're snuggled in your blankie and pillow made of down
Hop aboard that sleepy train express to night-night town

Kick it!
Maybe you'll have sweet dreams, where you're dancin' on a cloud
Listen to my calmin' voice, I'll try not to sing too loud
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Main Street gospel choir

Go to sleep (Go to sleep), count somе sheep (Count some sheep)
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep [?]
Count 'em (Woo), count 'еm (Woo), count 'em (Woo), count 'em (Woo)
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep

Oh, come on
Sleep, sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep (Go to sleep)
Close your eyes and drift off into dream
And don't let anything keep you awake (Sweet dreams)
Focus on soothing sounds
Go (Go, you've got to go)
To (You've got, you've got to go)
Sleep (To sleep)
Sweet dreams, little girl
Okay, guys, same time tomorrow

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