BeatBox Freestyle lyrics


(Ayy, sir, I just told you we rich)

[Verse 1: $peedyyy]
He can get his life from a call
He tried to switch up his team like State Farm
Suit and tie with a strap, I'm J. Stalin
You actin' weird on the missions, I hate stallers
Unaffiliated strip for name-calling
A team full of broke jumpers, you hate ballin'
Your bros down in the county, you ain't call him
Guess he ran from the fade but the tape caught him
All of their homies ain't nothing, I'm rank callin'
He knew them bullets is fake, you hate flossin'
I be trying to huh-ugh-huh, I hate talkin'
Keep tagging me on the gram like I can't block 'em
Spot 'em, got 'em, get hit with a beatbox
I know you lost a real n***a but he's popped
Chop 'em round will Adolf the key Glocks
But you n***as really faked me
Bounce out with Jedi's and Star Wars totin' laser beams
Threw his beef in the oven so gang baked him
Bald heads with clips like Wayne Brady
Black hoods in the party like Slim Shady
$peedyyy got up on 'em quick, it's a rundown
Fortnite, shotguns and ARs, he'll get pumped down
And we really gettin' money, f**k the bus now
All them n***as I looked up to really bums now
All them b*t*hes was curvin', they wanna f**k now
Money nuts with extensions, I'm havin' fun now
She suck it good, leave it sloppy, she get a bust down
And you could laugh at your ex, he's on the bus now
Keep a big Glocky, don't like to fight n***as
You stay in her DMs, but she don't mind n***as
You stay with Shawn Michaels cause she be high kickin'
Quit the stallin', I'm in and out in like 5 minutes

[Verse 2: Remble]
It's Remble
n***as be snitchin', I think they likin' it
Why you keep going? She was fighting it
I just caught his ass lackin' high off the Vicodin
I ran up on him in sandals and put a 9 in him
Go ahead and say my name, you can try with me
Go ahead and ride this d**k, you can dive on it
That's your buddy, I'ma put you in the sky with him
He's Batman, you got popped just for sidekicking
Out in traffic, I was riding with my high beams
I got a blicky with a d**ky if he fights me
I was 20 with the Glock, we were siamese
I hit his wifey with the d**k and gave her high knees
I'm gone
I'm back now
It's Friday night I had to hit her with the SmackDown
Your friend passed, he is never coming back now
Shawn Michaels getting hit with them MAC rounds
Back down and I won't have to pull the stap out
B-back down and I won't have to pull the stap out

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