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Waka Flocka Flame

"Turk Checks In"

[Intro: Turk]
It's been a minute, but I'm back
Yeah, y'all already know what it is
This your boy Young Turk, man
Y'all already know, original H.B
Mr. Y&T, Young and Thuggin' himself, but I'm grown up
And I'm cooling with my homie, DJ Teknikz
Y'all should've known how he bringing that sh*t, man
Nothing but heat
[?] on this sh*t big for 2010
Believe that, homie
This sh*t here is hot [?], you know what I'm talking about?
Y&T done hooked up with the So Icey Entertainment
And you already know how we rocking
Waka Flocka, you already know I got you, homie
Tay, I see you doing it big on them beats
Big Rainey, you already know what it is, n*gga
Pirus [?] River, it is what it is
Check this sh*t out, man

[Verse: Turk]
Too realer, I'm the realer man, I stay in the jungle
Strapped with them pistols and push it like [?]
I come through in all back, [?] like a damn Jeep
Park it in the middle of the hood and leave it where it's at
I'm so gutta, I don't need a bodyguard, man
All I need is my girlfriend, I swear to God, man
Lord, forgive me for [?], I swear to God, man
Nothing gon' stop me from [?] to heart, man
Get, get, they have me going in
I be going in with [?] and MAC-10s
Young Turk, young and thugging, but I'm grown up
Remember me from Cash Money? Yeah, I'm grown up
My money grown up, my honeys grown up
But I'ma stay street, homie, no matter what
I never lost my hustle touch
If I ever get hungry, to the kitchen, I'ma cook it up

[Outro: Turk]
Young Turk, Mr. Y&T, Young and Thugging forever
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
I'll be home in a minute, man
Y'all better watch out
This sh*t is what it is, man
Real, you heard me
The only way I know how to be
Check this sh*t out

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