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Waka Flocka Flame

"Choppa Choppa Down"

Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce

[Hook: French Montana]
Choppa' choppa' down, down, down, down
I lay a n*gga' down, down, down, down
Choppa' choppa' break it down, down, down, down

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Shots be flying, n*ggas die, don't make a sound
Chrome .44 on the slow-mo when your body hit the ground
n*gga' look around
Got shooters, got guns, got b*tches, got white, mo'f*cka' we run the town
When them shots be flying n*gga's diving, dying, running trying to hit the ground
Security, need security when them shots be flying around
Cocaine music nothing stopping that, with Juice 'ey I'm Project Pat
I got the streets n*gga' fine with that
Chasing that money, nothing stopping that
Big ass chopper, cocaine mafia, lay a n*gga' down if a n*gga' try stop 'em
Chopper break it down, I fix a n*gga' problem
Low to the ground, and the roof no top
King of the streets, I ain't never going to stop
n*gga's ask around, when a single goin' drop?
A n*gga so hot, jewels so cold, still let a chopper chop


[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
I ain't got time for the bullsh*t
No fight games, just a full clip
Old school girl, just a hood b*tch
One thing for sure i'mma' let it rip
Aftermath a n*gga, no Dr. Dre
Point blank range with the SK

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