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Waka Flocka Flame


[Verse 1: French Montana]
Another day, drink, smoke, just another episode
Everything you witness been the realest sh*t you ever saw
Know a couple n*ggas that be down for that 25
Know a couple bad b*tches down to let the homies ride
Redbone Maserati, two tones, riding shotty
I’ll be low key like cheap coke, told that snow man: ski slopes
Stuntin' on them n*ggas, let the haters watch
Black tee, black sneaks, black Bentley watch
Ridin' home team, f*ck the other side
Southside on the beat, suicide

[Hook] x2
I got diamonds on my neck, hammers on my hip
Grams up on the stove, need another lick
Money on my mind, your b*tch up on my line
I don’t want that ho, b*tch I’m on my grind

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
I thank the Lord for everything God gotten given me, life again when a n*gga got shot
I’ve seen a lot of n*ggas give their life to that glass pot
Thank Lord for the blocks
The rocks, the weed, the licks
Shawty, motherf*ck a cop
So much pain in me, you gonna find your body stinkin' tryin' to get a name off me
Bang, bang, homie
I stay Flame, homie, middle finger f*ck you
They say I changed homie, drugs runnin' all through my brain
They say my mind poisoned (so?), who wanna catch the venom

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Slim Dunkin]
I got diamonds on my neck, real n*ggas next to me
Looked up to Heaven, told mama say a prayer for me
You either real or you ain't, ain't no in between
Missed me with that sh*t, I can't catch a dream
I'm about that action n*gga, missed me with that actin' n*gga
Potato on the pistol, we be mashin' n*ggas
f*ck these rap n*ggas, tell 'em knuckle up
We can take it to street, I'mma f*ck 'em up
Tell 'em buckle up, blastin' off to Mars
All we blow is gas, we smokin' race cars
Certified hood n*gga, check my face scar
Don't split my team up, we in space bars (?)

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