[Verse 1]
Guess it's time, you better plug in all your nightlights
What's out there past your darkened door?
Just the eyes, floating about out the shore

[Chorus 1]
And then, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend!
Or maybe turn her into broth (La la la, la la)
Kill a kid, cut 'em up, stuff 'em up inside my secret meat pot!
Find my hands across your body slowly peeling your skin off

[Verse 2]
You'll meet your friends, inside the ambulance
Come to the night, to the werewolf
Give all your blood to him
Stand under the warm streetlight
Let yourself be hypnotized

You're just a little snack, and so is your girlfriеnd!

[Chorus 2]
And then I'm gonna tear your eyеs out!
And then I'll boil your girlfriend! (La la la, la la)
Kill a kid, cut 'em up, serve 'em up inside of my burning dungeon!
I would give you guys a little break but I'm not Satan!
Ooh, yum