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Cayman Cline


[Verse 1]
East side but I rock left
I seem fine but I'm offset
Still wondering why I ain't blown up
Guess it's not my time, yeah not yet
And I've gone through the mud
Set fire to water and still people are upset
Man, f**k tryna be the best
I'm gonna be me and hope that I contest
And I hope one day I can be somebody
f**k always being nobody
Wish that I could do something 'bout it but I can't
Still f**k got the same damn problem and no
My lights don't shine no more
Blew my brains out put a shine to the floor
Throw my hands up and surrender to the God and the Sun
Yeah I'm saying hi to the lord, uh

[Verse 2]
Yeah my life has changed
Feel a life less pain
And I hate myself, my face, my story, my soul
f**k I even hate my name
Dropped two tapes last year
They ain't even look my way
But I'm about to spend every dime that I have in this sh*t just to make my pay
f**king look what I've done
All the songs that I've sung
Middle finger to the blogs and the hate
Working all night just to get my check
Grinding through the morning 'til 8
Dedication ain't given
That's the life that I'm living
Remember all I had was a sh*tty remix
But look at all the things I've done
I'm proud of how far we've came

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