Unknown Prophets

What is truth?
What does it mean if you can’t always trust what you see?
What is truth?
What does it mean if even your own senses deceive?
What is truth?
What does it mean when you don’t always know what you believe?
What is truth?
What does it mean?
Listen and create the answers with me

[Verse 1]

It’s time to rewrite the mysteries of our histories by examining synchronicity and causality
I’ll be happy to translate using E.S.P
It simply takes reading through a couple of wikis, reverse remote-viewing, and a mind-spewing just like I’m doing tonight
I’ll use my mind’s eye to fight through the lies, gather insight and testify to my truth

The time has come to pacify by declassifying the purpose of the N.W.O
It’s older than you know; the roots go back to Heaven
Romans 13:1-7, God has established all authority, including mine, so, listen to my rhymes and you will find we can unblind the maligned and align our minds to bring the Hive to life and maximize this God-inspired design and leave the pain behind forever
You can say I’m being clever, whatever
This is an endeavor to sever the chains holding back the greats who can’t find the strength to co-create their own fates
I cannot misstate, there’s too much at stake
I’ve gotta make their paths straight
It’s getting late, but I can’t stop this flow until everyone knows how deep this thing goes and we blow the lid off the show
It crosses every nation and television station across creation
This is not an aberration of my mental condition, but rather a mission from this musician to play the clinician and bring the paranoid into remission, to end the suspicion and transition us all into an era of prosperity
Where the fuck did we get the idea that a country founded under God could be flawed?
Let’s drop the façade and applaud our officials and the judicial
Let’s reframe the context of several military projects and be honest - that though it may sound like nonsense - we can process the concepts and make progress towards peace and letting the past be something we can view with glee, instead of wanting to flee
Let’s agree to a degree, we don’t even know what the truth is, so let’s chart it, take heart and get started
What’s first?
Operation Mockingbird is the name to which it was conferred
Have you heard? It sounded insane
A secret campaign to manipulate your brain, ran by the C.I.A., but I postulate it’s time to recreate the purpose
We deserve this: a word of bliss free from distress
So, you’re damn right it was to influence the media from the radio down to Wikipedia, but I plea that ya believe the media is a subliminal guide from which we can decide to hide
It travels from the news, to the music, to our minds
They use it to find our hates, and our likes, and if we abide: push our lives toward that which we desire
Conspiracy theorists fear it, but this seer has appeared to steer them back toward the light
Tell them we’re alright
This is no jest, it’s for the best
We are blessed
Each and every single one of us
We just need to realize it
Release your stress, let go of being depressed and profess allegiance
They’ll give it all to us, we just need to do the rest
This is God’s test
Do you trust?
Do you have faith?
Will you do what you say?
I have an example for you; this one’s from the present - it’s called P.R.I.S.M., a clandestine surveillance program launched in 2007
Data collection known by the SIGAD US-984-XN
It’s collects Internet communications based on the demands under the F.I.S.A. Amendments Act
Katy Perry’s Album: a product of that program, Mockingbird backed and its name: the same
Are you playing the game?
1978: the Stargate Project was its codename
Established at the D.I.A., the purpose to investigate psychic phenomenon in the military under the D.O.D
That’s it

We’re done
We’re done
We’re done