Unknown Prophets
[Verse 1: Big Jess]
Don't you ever feel like screamin'
At the top of your lungs for no reason
In the middle of a crowded place
And people stare at you like you're from outer space
And don't you ever feel like dreamin'
Trying to grab something when you can't quite reach it
But you know that if you work a little harder
You might be able to get it if you stretch a little farther
And don't you ever feel like taking a risk
Even if it really doesn't make any sense
How will you ever know what you're capable of
If you don't step outside of your box and make an attempt
And don't you ever feel so overwhelmed
Send out an SOS but won't no one help
Feeling lonely and all by yourself
Wanna hide and never climb outside of your shelf
But then there's days you feel quite the opposite
Far from a pessimist
More like an optimist
You love the grind and the feeling of accomplishment
Your light shines and you deem with such confidence
Don't you ever get the urge to want to open doors
And see what lies behind the one's that were closed before
Don't you ever want to change what you're going for
And don't you ever get the feeling that there's so much more
So dare to explore
And challenge yourself
To reach heights you've never seen before
Go ahead touch the sky
Life is much too short
Don't ever settle for less
If you want it the world can be yours

[Verse 2: MaD SoN]
Don't you ever feel like moving away
To a place where they don't know your name or face
Leave everything behind but your one suitcase
Take what you love and the rest replace
And don't you ever feel like starting from scratch
Erase every mistake you made in the past
Slow life down when it's moving to fast
Change your direction avoid the crash
And don't you ever feel like taking a leap
Don't you feel trapped inside is someone unique
Caught in the same routine every week
Feeling like your life is so incomplete
So don't you ever feel like breaking the mold
Trying something new and letting go of the old
Take a different path and not the same old road
You got to take a risk if you plan to grow

[Verse 3: Braille]
I don't want the whole world just a piece of it
I don't want the whole thing you can keep it
I don't want to try to carry the weight
Give me three wishes
Be patient and wait for me to decide
I got dreams but most of them were pushed to the side
Don't push me off the edge unless you're sure I can fly
But if you're so sure how come I can't
See the same potential in myself
When I look at the man in the mirror
And I feel so inferior
Insecure because my security was shattered when I answered the call
And stood face to face with the truth
There's no way to return to the days of my youth
Only a coward runs away and escapes from reality
A coward backs down when the situation is challenging
So the power of love will define my courage
When I seek your face and find my purpose


Everyone's got a gift but
What are you going to do with it
At some point everybody's going to fail but
Will you give in or refuse to quit
And everyone's got dreams but
What are you going to do with yours
Don't you ever feel like
I said don't you ever feel like
I want so much more
I want so much more
Don't you want so much more