Claw / Crawl lyrics

Youth Code & King Yosef

Second chances for none -only wasted time
Time crawls forward, grief slowly draws the line

Your warmth, my phantom limb
Life’s weight leaking in
What waits below, i’ll find out
Words of hope, never leave my mouth
Death takes until the earth needs to eat
The balance of power, sitting just below my feet

Claws sink in, closer to the void
We find our worth in the wounds of the dirt
Discomfort only means I can feel
This reflection hides the weight of my burdens
Discomfort of a truth concealed
Every second this condition worsens

Crossed over to a hollow hold
Introspective as a means of growing
Picked apart all the treasures from the shipwreck
Finding solace in a lack of knowing
Wrapped in silk and a gold embrace
Barreled out to an absolute atrocity
Navigating through this hellish landscape
Just to settle in eternal mediocrity

And as the flowers retreat into seed
I stare jealous at decomposition
Within the wilt is a chance at rebirth
A new bloom in a rising sun

Tangled in it, I lost my grip
I crawl back
I lost myself yet I am clawing clawing
I lost myself yet I am clawing back

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