Head Underwater lyrics

Youth Code & King Yosef

Every lesion another reminder
I’ll place my wishes on the luckiest scar
Check my pulse cuz I have failed to feel it
We’ll push to find a new metaphor

Echoes in different iterations
Head against the wall without hesitation
Always running from shame and this vain hatred

Scream silent with your head underwater
Pain knocking on the doors of my eyes
A wolf cry shows a path to the slaughter
I’ve paved the road to my inherent demise
Givе it up to try it again
The liquid soothe is just a means to an еnd
We’ll stick our head in the hornets nest
And contemplate which morrow manifests

Hiding from the bullets i need to gnaw
The gnashing of teeth, until the flesh runs raw
Testing fate for my delusions
This reluctant descent into seclusion

I’ve sheltered these vices
Not me but my foe
Take a final step
Facing whats below

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