A Mother’s Love lyrics

Youth Code & King Yosef

Narcissism as a mode of operation
To love and ruin as a dual fascination
Without control you lack a sense of intent
Constant creation of a truth to augment

Power comes from the things that you take
A youngling, another spirit to break
Poisoned supply, from the hand that gives
A cold shoulder, no force to forgive

Am I not worthy of love
I’m not proud of my accomplishments either
Does it find you after all?
Is this bond instated by survivors

So take this gift
That you bestowed on me
And hold it over my head so affectionately
A simple vow to provide and protect
I’ll feel the weight of it forever on my nеck

This frail bond that led me astray
A beacon to homе and a road to dismay
I see the strain when it’s time to connect
I feel the resent with the loss of respect

Validation through pain
The act of love never without restrain
Beg for all that you get
A life ruined, already spent
Find comfort in the mirage
Pains color, your hidden flaws
The festering wound, and the trail of deceit
A shift of power, and the anguish at your feet

A simple vow to deter from the wreck
I’ll feel the weight of shame wrapped around my neck
A paper crane wish shot into the sky
I dream one day to never have to live a lie

The burden i never chose to be
All the weight that’s forced on me
Regrets on the life you spent
A figure for all you resent

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