Finally Docked lyrics

Youth Code & King Yosef

Another tide washes you clean
Absolved in salt as a common routine

Closer to the end than the start
The years I gain make me sickly and stark
The weight of time, feigning
Growing colder and dark

Equal to myself, with years in between
The stagnation continues splitting the seams
Unraveling and turning to a mess
Stuck between the dirt and the rest

Caught in the shade of progress
And the changes I missed
The stairs of life and the steps I skippеd

These concretе decisions for a temporary being
The weight of the world has always been my name

Doe caught in a cross hairs range
Behind the hedges rests amity’s gun
Shot blank in a raptured exchange
We have finally found the sun
Upholding everything
When I am splitting up at the seems
Previously riddled with emotional drought
Your eyes have cancelled all considerable doubt

A stray dog led to warmth
The glow of trust and faith
In this I’ve been disarmed
In you I feel so safe
And where we used to run
Those doors have all been locked
I’ll never sail alone
This ship has finally docked

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