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Richard Dawson


[Verse 1]
In the kingdom of Bryneich
Verging on a muddy crook of Coquet
A dice of houses cast with clay and sheepdung
Through a soup of starlit peatsmoke
Gradually emerges as we descend

[Verse 2]
"Bring the goose my child!"
I carve a notch into the squirming post
It smells like a smithy
"Hurry now and drink the bowl before it congeals"

[Verse 3]
There comes frightful news from town
Of great evil abound
The heartbroken potter's idiot boy was snatched from the speltfield
Scouring a fortnight in the hills
All they found, pointing from a sett, a small grey hand

[Verse 4]
"Tie the goats to my cot
With tansy rags their faces cover
Push straws into the windows
Damp the coals, and bar the door with hornbeam limb"

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